Resonances. Tuning to Energy sources.

«In every millimeter of space there is as much energy as you need,» - N. Tesla said.

Everything is energy. We swim in the ocean of energy, but we always lack it - for something or a certain quality.


A person is subject to various energy processes, which can have different frequencies (rhythms). Interacting with any aspect of the external world, a person interacts with one or another energy and tries to define it - qi, ki, orgone, prana...

Our energy body - our energy-informational structure - is initially adapted to resonance (connection) with different energies. Depending on its parameters, there is a certain bandwidth, the band of the operating frequency of our energy. The higher it is, the more a person's ability to resonate (tune in) with energies of different frequencies.

Since ancient times, people have been trying to find keys - codes - for tuning and connecting to different energies. The fact is that the usual 3-dimensional space is not the only one in which a person can exist. The ancients began to focus on the energies of higher frequencies and did not just define them, but learned to resonate with them by tuning into the channels of energies through special symbols, later called sacred or sacred. These channels were not just single, but combined, that is, they represented a kind of space where a person could receive special properties (beyond the ability) that were inaccessible during resonance with familiar energies. Such people were considered to have conquered the "Force", they became rulers, they began to be called Mages ...

We can say that ancient people tuned in to some vibration models of energies of higher frequencies, gave them designations and began to call them Gods or Forces - Zeus, Anubis ... And any vibration model has its own source - a form / structure / symbol / code, upon activation of which the setting takes place to the source of this or that energy and it becomes possible to interact with it, to connect to the energy channel.

The problem of a person who wants to receive, fill and use energy is that from birth, according to the conditions of space and simply lifestyle (food, place of residence, social circle), he has a limited band of the operating frequency of energy or a certain limited set of access codes to a limited spectrum of sources energy.

This leads to the fact that in any attempt to fill ourselves with energy, we increase the amount of "old" energy, increase the quantitative energy parameter, which is limited. This leads to the so-called “stagnation” of energy, when the amount of energy seems to be large, but does not circulate, and, as a result, does not lead to the desired qualitative changes - in practice, work, interactions, self-realization, possibilities of consciousness and other aspects of life.

The resonances offered to your attention are activated information keys (codes) that allow you to increase your resonant frequency and tune to certain channels - sources of Energy.

Resonances act on the principle of increasing the carrying capacity of human energy channels. For a person, this means the ability to perceive, resonate (interact), and most importantly, operate / use (process informationally) various energies and blocks of energies. It is important that activated energy-informational keys act systemically, that is, they do not cause disharmony with existing energy sources. There is an increase in the energy flow due to the opening, tuning, balancing and increasing the internal connectivity of existing, but not active channels in the structure of the “energy body”. We can say that there is a repair and the creation of “new wiring” in the structure of energy channels, through which new and more powerful flows of subtle energy begin to pass.

Also, resonances contribute to the complexity of the internal structure, resulting in a number of important internal and external changes.

Firstly, due to connection to new sources of energy, there is a denser and more active connection of existing internal energies, which leads to integrity, a deeper understanding of oneself, one's essence and purpose.

Secondly, resonances allow increasing energy exchange with the outside world, there is a wider communication with the Universe and the discovery of new aspects of habitual actions, things, interactions and processes.

Third, the enrichment of the energy system with new high-frequency energy sources leads to a significant increase in energy levels and an increase in the power of our entire energy system as a whole, thereby increasing the possibilities of raising the level of consciousness.

The idea and some aspects of the resonance technology, like many products, were born from the GeoEnergoTourism project, as a result of the experience of visiting various places of power, many of which (Machu Picchu, for example) are technical structures (for setting, focusing, strengthening, concentrating, sifting , transformations of energies, or all this together). In essence, a person is also a "device" with the same functions: any interaction of a person with something at the level of paying attention to something or thinking about something is an interaction with a certain energy and an attempt to operate with it. It can be roughly said that the human brain functions as a power plant that receives and transmits energies, while what is generated depends on what is transmitted and vice versa. That is why it is important for a person to have sources of settings.

Primitively, all magic rituals are built on the sources of settings (for example, if you need to attract / tune in to money, then in the ritual we use a bill, etc.). Energy management was related to priestly, sacred knowledge (although then all knowledge, for example astronomical, was the privilege of this caste). The priests could expand the bandwidth to the parameters allowing them to transfer their existence to other frequencies, that is, consciously end their earthly life and continue to live in the “subtle” worlds (astral or other frequencies, who is closer to what).

Resonances are codes that work through the “vibration signature” of a person, which is made up of many vibrations that a person radiates outward at different levels. The vibrational signature contains a space where a person's consciousness can move. Therefore, resonances, as sources activated with the help of a vibrational signature, can affect reality in the most direct way. Everyone knows the well-known principle - “like attracts like”. As soon as a vibration of a certain frequency begins to be emitted into the surrounding world, energies of a similar frequency are attracted, attracted into the reality of a person. A person leaves his “vibration signature” once through a special interface in his Personal Account.

Several main primary signs / effects of resonance plugging have been noted:

- the emergence of information on a specific topic (since energy channels-meridians are not only energy channels, but also information channels),

- new knowledge (not just information, but an insight that gives a new understanding of reality),

- exit from various egregors,

- a feeling of "shine" or "glow",

- feeling of movement, vibration inside, vibration of the whole body from legs to crown,

- changing goals,

- substitution of negative for positive (negative attitude or negative emotion),

- cleaning (at all levels, up to physics),

- a general feeling of changes taking place inside and outside, but without understanding what exactly has changed.

In general, pure bodily sensations are usually enough to understand what “works!” Of course, everything related to the interaction and perception of energy flows is purely individual and everyone's feelings may be different. In fact, resonances do not add anything “new”, rather they awaken in a person what was already so, and in a person there is Everything.

An analogy can be drawn: if a person's current bandwidth is a bunch of keys and some doors were closed before, then resonances are energy keys that allow opening certain doors. Of course, you have to imagine what opens the door and what is most important, because energy must “work,” that is, it must be used for something. We made the description of resonances as practical and simple as possible, so that without delving into the structural features of energy flows, the user would understand why this or that energy is used in practice.

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