Nephrite set


16 resonances for 1 month.

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1. Aidan - a source of energy of beauty and harmony (for women and men).

Aidan's energy is light, wise, balanced and refined energy. The flow of energy (for visuals) is a bright sphere of light purple color. Feels like Aidan's energy is sparkling, joyful, light, inspiring, soft, warm. This is the energy of perfect geometry and the highest, natural harmony. Allows you to see the beauty and harmony of the world, aligns with natural rhythms (recommended for city dwellers), promotes subtle feeling and general sensitization. Promotes the vision and feeling of harmony in oneself, shows the relationship between the internal and the external. Helps dissolve parasitic energies and anything that is not harmonious.

2. Energy bath - a source of energy for powerful and emergency cleansing.

Fast and effective cleansing from strong negativity, powerful energy attacks, strong attachments, suction cups, etc. It is recommended to connect no more than 1 time per week. The flow of energy is a dense, heavy and hot golden ball in the solar plexus area, which almost instantly expands to a chamber size of 3 - 4 m, where the effect of heat under pressure is created. With a rapidly expanding stream, it knocks out all current plugs, suction cups, sources of holes, etc. Causes temporary immobility and a feeling of warmth or heat in the body. This is an extreme, but fast and effective cleaning that has an energetic effect of a bath, sauna, steam barrel for delicate bodies. With its power, the flow of energy literally scrapes from subtle bodies everything that was the cause of the appearance of blocks, holes or other negative in subtle bodies. The procedure quickly increases vibrations and activates the «sleeping» energy centers. It is an emergency measure, it is not recommended to connect more than 1 time a week.

3. Golden Ray - purification, deep elaboration.

Energy Golden Ray requires a certain experience in working with energy flows, namely the ability to follow and not resist energies. The flow of energy is bright, hard, powerful and hot. For visuals, it can have various shades of gold: from a light whitish to a deep reddish hue, depending on the state of the operator's energy structure and the work performed. Energy develops and has several stages of work. At the first stage, the golden ray opens a dark passage and a feeling of cold comes, immersion in the subconscious information layer takes place, clarification of the deep motives of existing problems.

A tough period when the operator can face his negative traits, fears, karmic and ancestral problems, doubts, insecurities, etc. At the second stage, the darkness begins to dissipate and at the end of the opened tunnel the operator sees a bright shine of a golden warm beam. During this period, purification occurs, which can manifest itself as humility, acceptance of oneself and others, awareness of lessons, repentance, tears, along with which there is a feeling of light, direct, uncompromising Power. At the third stage, the flow of energy expands, envelops, becomes hot, becomes denser and looks like thick golden honey. During this period, the operator feels clean, bright, strong (physically and spiritually), protected, invulnerable. The duration of each period is individual.

4. Jna - is the new axial energy for transformations.

Absolutely new and relevant energy. The energy source appeared only a few years ago. The main important feature of the new axial energy (meaning the vertical central axis) is the predominance of the mental component, which has come to the fore due to the general increase in frequency. If before the transition the aspects of the axial energies were lined up in their influence as follows: the energy level-physical-mental, then in the new axial energy it is the mental-energetic-physical (a cyclic shift has occurred). Energy is extremely relevant, one might say necessary in modern conditions. Necessary, of course, only for those who want to control their individual reality and influence the processes of the surrounding world with the help of the mentality. Jna energy is necessary for transformation processes in subtle bodies and the transition of consciousness to a new level.

Jna acts where the body and mind are ready for the transformational processes associated with the quantum transition. The main channel for receiving Jna's energy is the central vertical axis (projection onto the physical body - the spine). Energy makes our central axis strong and resilient, helps to withstand the transformational stress and the accompanying nervous tension. When receiving Jna energy, uncomfortable sensations are possible (especially at first), which is associated with a restructuring of connections between large energy centers on the axis, which is reflected in the physical body. In practice, energy is used to develop personal energies, cleanse the integral field from virtual programs, form an individual reality, create a support for consciousness, the ability to set the right goals, questions, tasks, to distribute time resources, as the right balance between work and free time and reduce burning energy in your spare time.

5. Creator - source of energies for the purification and expansion of a personal creative channel.

The Creator energy is light, active, Yang energy. Energy is suitable not only for representatives of creative professions (artists, writers, actors, singers, designers...), but also for everyone who wants to find creative approaches in any business and look at situations outside the box. Energy gives inspiration, creative excitement, a creative approach to any business and situation, helps with a feeling of a dead end, no way out, and routine. It inspires and fills any undertaking with meaning.

6. Blue bird - the energy of good luck and prosperity.

The flow of energy Blue Bird is powerful, joyful, fluid, dense, filling. For visuals, it is a wide vertical stream of thick golden color, consisting of many streaming streams, going 1.5 - 2 m beyond the boundaries of the operator's physical body. The flow of energy Blue Bird gives a feeling of satisfaction with life here-and-now, a joyful mood, increases the feeling of prosperity, helps to develop a sense of gratitude to the Universe, to maintain a balance of receiving and giving energy from the world around us. Promotes the opening of a creative channel and a profitable investment of their energy. The qualities of energy contribute to prosperity in all areas: eliminates difficulties that hinder material development, attracts success and prosperity, improves mood, builds relationships, and can also be used in the field of spiritual development to cultivate a state of gratitude, openness and sensitivity to the movement of the currents of the Universe.

7. Unconditional Love - is a manifestation of the energy of Love at different levels and in various fields.

The multifaceted energy of Unconditional love opens up another level of love, as an attitude towards oneself and the world. The energy of Unconditional Love helps to understand Love as an internal unconditional state that does not depend on external factors. Builds relationships with the world with feelings of emptiness, injustice, resentment, despair, anger, including long-standing negative emotions from the past. It helps to achieve harmony within yourself and with the world around you, increases awareness. In time space, energy allows you to be here and now, opens up new paths in different areas - spiritual growth, relationships, creativity, the financial sphere. In general, we can say that the energy of Unconditional love nourishes and warms the Soul, helps it to realize itself through the body in the physical world, helps to understand its purpose, to find and collect oneself here-and-now.

8. Noub - the energy of financial stability and conservation.

Energy stabilizes personal financial flows, strengthens the connection between a person and the social sphere of abundance, contributes to the continuity of the flow of monetary energy. Energy works well in times of negative financial changes, such as job loss or a decline in regular financial receipts. Energy stabilizes the financial situation, perfectly relieves stressful conditions and normalizes the psycho-emotional background, promotes positive thinking and the transformation of negative attitudes towards the current situation, and the released energy is directed towards finding new opportunities and attunement to abundance. Energy can be used for planning, for starting a new business, when signing contracts, important documentation...

9. Chanel - is the energy of feminine personality and success.

The energy of the search for individuality, bordering on a challenge in her dissimilarity and the energy of a brave woman who is not afraid to broadcast her individuality to the world around her and thereby changes it. Energy contributes to the formation of an individual style, deep knowledge and discovery of oneself, an increase in self-confidence, magnetically attracts luck and prosperity, promotes the opening of a business, creative and social realization of a woman, but requires a high level of self-discipline. It helps "independent and independent" women to find a second half. Helps to express one's thoughts beautifully, clearly and clearly in public speaking. Chanel energy requires caution in use only if you are sure that the energy has realms of realization.

10. Apollo - is a source of energy of perfection for men.

Resonance Apollo primarily carries the energy of knowledge for men - not so much intellectual knowledge as the ability to navigate and control external energies. Apollo is the energy of education, leadership, manifested primarily in the field of career and self-realization. Energy allows you to actively link the energies of space and realize yourself in outer space. You can call the Apollo energies perfect or “purified” Yang energies. The Apollo energy source is devoid of aggression. This is the energy of knowledge, skill, wisdom and realization. Apollo energy is a necessary “earthy” energy base for further spiritual development and self-improvement of a modern man.

11. Nephrite massage - energy massage.

Extremely pleasant, powerful, but soft energy of an energy massage. Similar to the action of reflexology, but at the level of subtle bodies - massage of energy channels. There is a renewal of energies, the elimination of blocks and stagnant processes in the subtle bodies, an improvement in the psycho-emotional state, filling with vitality, a feeling of lightness, relaxation. In general, the feeling of energy is very similar to the state after high-quality reflexology.

12. Diamond Tincture - is a source of energies for protection, purification and bringing to a reference state of the external energy sphere.

The flow of energy is visually a golden, elastic and pleasant to the touch multilayer crystal of complex shape, expanding from the Manipura region to the periphery of the energy sphere. One of the universal and effective protective and cleansing energies. Cleans and protects subtle bodies from destructive energies and low vibrations. Energy restores subtle bodies, enhances the luminosity of subtle bodies (sometimes, under favorable circumstances, this energy can be visually perceived by other people), allows one to be filled with a reference state. Energy Diamond Tincture is able to eliminate stagnant energy processes in the energy sphere.

13. Nics - is a source of energy for quality sleep.

The energy allows you to get quality sleep in a shorter time, helps to eliminate problems with insomnia and other problems with sleep. The flow of energy is enveloping and relaxing, feels like a soft, warm blanket. Energy reduces nervous tension and removes mental dialogue, relaxes the body, promotes both deep night sleep and high-quality short-term rest. It is possible to receive answers in a dream.

14. Ecstatic - is the energy of sensuality in all its manifestations.

The Ecstatic energy primarily works with the 1-2 chakras, that is, the sexual sphere. Helps to overcome complexes and existing sexual blocks, incl. the boy-mother and girl-father originating from childhood and related to the relationship. Visually, the flow of Ecstatic looks like a very thin, delicate, silky, shiny, enveloping blanket of purple color. Energy is suitable for changing patterns of sexual behavior with the opposite sex. Increases self-confidence, passion, sensuality, promotes acceptance of one's body, sexual liberation, and also increases external attractiveness for the opposite sex. Promotes the magnetic attraction of sexual partners. The energy flow is very powerful, a low power level is recommended for a start. In addition to the sexual sphere, Ecstatic energy increases the overall level of vitality: it returns the joy of life, increases the brightness and freshness of impressions, renews and sharpens perception (including taste and olfactory sensations).

15. Sword of Intention - a channel of energy of clear, positive, true intentions.

The channel of energy The sword of intention is visually a dense and cool beam of energy of blue steel color 3-5 cm in diameter, entering the Manipura area. When connected, it can cause uncomfortable sensations of “sucking in the spoon”, density below the navel, nausea, out-of-body sensations. Energy helps to listen and understand the needs of your Spirit, to clear the mental space when forming an intention from the action of virtual programs, to create true intentions (creating inner harmony and symmetry, as well as harmony of the formed intention with the surrounding world). Such intentions, formed in the Sword of Intention energy field, materialize to the Universe faster, as pure, clear, positive and supporting universal harmony.

16. Sunrise - the energy of the sunrise, a valuable and important energy especially in the autumn-winter period.

It is known that during the appearance of the first rays of the sun, a special program is activated in all living things. For example, plants sense the energy of the rising sun, swell, prepare to be filled with solar energy. In a person, as a part of life on Earth, when the first rays arrive, the energy centers “dissolve” in order to recharge themselves for activity, vigor, openness during the day and to perceive the energy and information flows of the world as much as possible. A modern person, especially one living in a metropolis, has a chronic lack of Sunrise energy, since due to a social lifestyle, natural, natural biorhythms get lost, and often urban high-rise buildings deprive the very opportunity to be saturated with the energy of the first rays of the sun. This can lead to drowsiness during the day, lethargy, dullness of attention and cognitive functions, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), decreased immunity and performance, and other adverse effects. If you experience these symptoms during the day or want to use the subtle aspects of the Sunrise energy to energize your consciousness, the Sunrise Resonance is recommended.

Energy flow The sunrise is dense, dense, powerful, sharp, colors from golden to crimson, consists of two spirals: one goes from the center of the Earth, flows into the spine and then into the central system of the brain, and the other goes from the brain to the sympathetic nervous system and flows into in the sun. The energy of the Sunrise can give a person activity, vigor, inner radiance, a state of Love and filling the heart center, joy and positive thinking, an impulse for easy start of new business and completion of running processes, stress resistance and increased immunity.

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