Universal structurer space «Home»

Currently, living and working spaces are completely subordinated to utilitarian and economic goals and absolutely do not take into account such requests as the condition of a person in the room.

Today, few people have the luxury of choosing a place, size, shape, materials, in a word, the energy indicators of the space in which a person lives or works. The influence of energy geometry can be considered in detail, but not necessary, each person reads and feels the energy parameters of space on an intuitive level.

It is enough to visit one of the Stalinist skyscrapers, a round house or a temple to clearly feel the influence of the energy characteristics of space. This is if we take the lowest level, and the city or country is also a different level of space, which also affects everyone in this space.

The main purpose of the device is the management of indicators (qualities, or energy characteristics) of space and, as a result, the formation and change of energy geometry of space. The operation of the device cannot be reduced only to the effect on the “external”: the external space affects the internal space of a person in the same way as a person can influence the external space (the process of creation) by changing the geometry of the internal space (or model of the world).

Therefore, the work of the structurator should always be considered in the key to the correspondence of macro- and microcosm. In other words, the functional of the device reads the characteristics of space not as external static linear indicators, but through the data of an operator located and immersed in a given space-time.

Creating a space structure is a very concrete action, which consists in the formation of key nodes of space and building links between them. In other words, each program of the device corresponds to one or another multidimensional figure - the geometry of space.

The physical indicators of space primarily depend on the frequency characteristics. It is clear that the frequency range in which a person can exist is much wider than the visible frequency range, and for different people this range is different.

Therefore, another important indicator for filling the space with which the structurer works is the integration of a person into space, as the ability to resonate with a certain frequency range.

The energetic form of the structurizer is a perfect form, as it includes all possible harmonious structural forms with certain functions, a wide functionality of settings allows you to customize the space subtly for yourself and current tasks.

Available in two trim levels, for home or office, a basic or advanced software package.

Universal structurer space «Home» is standard or full.

Universal structurer space «Office» is standard or full.

Additional programs included in the full package may be purchased separately. Structurizer management is carried out in your account.

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