Noocanal Svetlitsa SUPER

Svetlitsa SUPER

Improving the quality of life.

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Resonance noocanals are a fundamentally new format based on the principle of action. Noocanals have differences from both physical products and resonances. The resonance noocanal is not shown in our reality and is not a connecting link between the operator and some object in our world. The noocanal works “from within”, that is, from the EIB itself (the energy-informational body), through an individual personality code, as well as resonances. But unlike resonance, which opens up access to an energy source, a noocanal is a kind of active (acting) information that does not require processing, processing and interpretation.

There is a certain area in the GEIF (global energy information field) architecture, where the transfer of information occurs without the transfer of energy. This is a key point in the operation of resonant noochannels. We can say that inside the energy-informational structure of a person, qualitatively new structural elements appear that resonate with the level of reality called the “zero point”.

Resonance noocanals are one of the ways to transfer information. Imagine a space of options where there are “elevations” - the most probable areas, and “lowlands” - less likely variant events and opportunities. One or another option is more or less likely due to the presence of resistance from the outside world. The zero point is a special interesting area in the space of options where all events are equally probable due to the void (vacuum, absolute virtuality) in this area and the lack of environmental resistance.

Noocanal Svetlitsa SUPER

The Svetlitsa enhances the adaptive capabilities of a person, restoring his informational connections, relieving conflict and tension. Svetlitsa has a positive effect on all levels of life, increasing its quality. The action of the Svetlitsa is multifaceted and holistic, and produces a healing effect on all vital systems of the body.

Increased energy potential

The body stops wasting resources on processing unnecessary, unnecessary information and does not develop any reactions to it. The saved resource is used to restore the body's energy system.

Normalization of oppressed body systems

The main effect of using the Svetlitsa is the normalization of the oppressed systems of the body (immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). It manifests itself in the fact that if the controlled parameter is below the norm, then it grows, if it is higher, then it decreases. Fatigue decreases, sleep improves. Self-confidence appears. Strengthening psychological stability. The integrity of interactions reveals the fullness of life, filling it with new content, new connections and acquaintances. Previously impossible events become possible due to the implementation of complex system connections.

Removing barriers to understanding

Goodwill grows, the level of aggression decreases. Many businessmen note that it is easier to find a common language with clients, and it is easier to sign contracts. Conflict in families decreases. Children begin to learn more successfully and behave more appropriately.

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