Noopendant II level

Noopendant level II is a new high-tech product of SHEMM technology. Blocks of utility control programs are connected to the pendant, which are basic for Level II programs and which are downloaded from the program library in the user's personal account.

The main difference between the work of programs of the second level in the scope. If programs of the 1st level work in the integral field of the operator in general (building, or structuring work), then the scope of the work of the programs of the 2nd level is the continuous creation (at the initial stages - rather maintenance) of the reality by the operator.

At the program level, the scope of the second-level programs can be defined as interaction with the space program.

1. Interaction with the physical layer
2. Software interaction with other operators
3. Interaction with the structural parts of the space program

If earlier, without making efforts to improve, a person was at least at the same stage and could engage in purely contemplative work, now without the application of targeted efforts to improve his level, self-improvement, he can roll back several steps due to modern program space parameters.

You can purchase Noopendant II with two free programs.

As well as Noopendant II + Full library programs.
Programs from the library become available to the user to download into the pendant after they are purchased. You can buy programs from the library at the same time you purchase Noopendant II or later in your account.

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