Noopendant I level

Noopendants are the first product in the SHEMM integrated technology line.

The principle of operation of noopendants is based on a simple fact: a person, as you know, builds his own reality himself, as well as builds limitations for himself (for happiness, good luck, health, etc.) In other words, the Real World is huge and diverse and theoretically There is much that is possible in the “space of options”, but in order for people to somehow exist in it and interact with each other, some conditional concepts, principles, and laws have been created.

Being a certain kind of tool for existence, they are also limiters. Modern information technologies are an amazing development of these restrictions, under the guise of principles and conditions convenient and comfortable for a person, they exploit their free will, driving them into a very narrow spectrum, where any choice is essentially the absence of a real choice.

Noopendant works on the principle of expanding the current "reality" of a person and gradually removes some of the restrictions that block the natural abilities of a person and are needed not so much for his successful existence as for successful management. In this vein, the noopendant do not affect a person in any way; they enable a person to change his life and his own reality. Noopendant give you a set of tools for independent change and self-development.

Any person who has realized the need for self-development in the modern world is looking for these tools, but on an intuitive level. In addition to the fact that in the modern world surrounding us there are not so many of these necessary tools, you still need to clearly know what to look for.

Each software package operated by a particular noopendant is a comprehensive and balanced set of similar tools of various ranges in a given area. These “spheres” also arose not by chance and were not “invented”; these are structurally informational areas that exist as a given in the energy-information space and have been forming for a long time.

So, directly a noopendant, as a physical product, does not carry those qualities and properties that can be read in the description for each noopendant. The fundamental difference between noopendants from other products is that they do not have any effect on a person, and as a result, they do not have a period of adaptation, side effects and are combined with any other way of life chosen by the operator, thinking, work, practices, energy-informational, correctional and others products and devices, etc., that is, with its integral field.

On the contrary, the noopendant will introduce a certain structure into the operator’s integral field, which is necessary even for “positive” influences, and this, in turn, allows balancing the numerous inconsistent or not timely effects on the operator.

Nnoopendant directly as a product is the carrier of a set of algorithms (“automation”), providing the direct feedback of the operator with software packages on the server. Automation of the pendant takes into account the features of “operator firmware” (innate abilities, character traits, current psycho-emotional state, and much more) and generates the corresponding codes, which are the initial data for activating / stopping a particular package and / or certain parameters for their operation.

When purchasing a noopendant as a product, the operator actually receives a certain set that ensures the operation of software packages corresponding to a particular noopendant. Software packages do not work all at once all at once, numerous internal and external conditions set constant dynamics: what is very useful here and now for a particular operator is completely useless in a day, from another operator or in another space.

noopendant "Master". Success, self-confidence, self-actualization, creative activity, establishing a business, unlocking potential, aesthetics (“image”), charisma.

noopendant "Corsair". Activity, energy, determination, expansion and capture of space.

noopendant "Body". Health, the elimination of blocks, the joy of life, rejuvenation, control of emotions and many other studies related to the body.

noopendant "Clouds". Lightness, fluidity, mobility, calm, detachment, neutrality.

noopendant "Armor". Protective software packages.

noopendant "Microcosm". To thoroughly restore order in the integral field of the operator.

noopendant "Intuition". Connecting an intuitive channel for receiving information. Getting information from dreams.

noopendant "Mental". The ability to structure and control thought processes. To improve mental abilities, develop concentration, improve memory, increase learning, resistance to stressful situations, and develop oratory skills.

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