Noocanals by monk Eak

The idea of Natural Artifacts came in the form of numerous enthusiastic reviews and some rumors in Buddhist circles about an ancient monk, highly revered among healers, considered Enlightened and known for his powerful ability to charge various objects with healing (and not only) power.

Such phenomena are interesting to study, so we equipped an expedition to the Golden Triangle area, supposedly, according to rumors and fragmentary information, the location of the monastery, in which the healer monk lives. The search for the monastery took many days, the path to it was difficult and even fraught with some adventures. Perhaps, if it is interesting, the path to the monastery will be described separately. But the main difficulty was not even that: for all its apparent goodwill and openness, access to some Buddhist places and people is for white people, if not completely closed, then extremely limited.

Even having found a monastery with adventure, we needed to make some efforts so that we would not be driven away immediately, and 3 days of negotiations through an interpreter, before the abbot and the elder himself settled down to us, and even were allowed to shoot (exclusive photos, we were the first Europeans who were allowed take a picture of this monk).

An artifact can be called any object or object created by a person and filled with his energy, but for certain reasons, most often the term “Artifact” refers to objects of mysterious origin or objects endowed with mystical properties. Such as, for example, sacred relics, objects of worship or various objects of anomalous origin.

Artifacts are created by man with the help of his physical, mental and other energetic activity, active work of consciousness, thought, physical body, using his knowledge, understanding and skills, as well as his life experience. Therefore, we can say that the created Artifacts carry the Meaning embedded in it by the creator of this Artifact, or in other words, the Artifacts carry the structure of factors incorporated in the process of Creation. This structure is no less than a materialization of thought or an ideal carrier of thought. Any Artifacts differ from natural phenomena in that they are created with the participation of active consciousness, which materializes in them.

Behind each Artifact is His creator. In fact, the Artifact is a material object for access to another reality created by the Master. All creations of people are a treasury of objects created by people, but acquiring various artifacts, it is very desirable to keep in mind not only the history of the origin and power of the Artifact, but also the purity of thoughts and thoughts of the creator of one or another object that carries a materialized plan.

A master named Eak, highly respected in healing circles, has been a monk for over 70 years, is considered an Enlightened Elder who is able to fill objects with powerful healing and spiritual strength with the help of mantras (less often with vibrations and rhythms of some traditional musical instruments). Artifacts do not carry an egregorial component created by an enlightened Master who has long been above egregors.

Eak is a very outstanding person. There are not enough dry biographical facts to describe himself and his Path. Being in the strict official framework of the status of a Monk, he repeatedly and with pleasure neglected them in order to maintain openness, independent thinking, multilateral development, and to be free in their opinions and actions.

When creating Artifacts, Eak uses simple and working vibrations of mantras tested by him during his many years of experience working with different people.

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