Affiliate program for Resonances and Resonance noocanals

Since 2018, we have been implementing a project of devices for self-development without a physical carrier. Over a period of two years, several thousand people have become our clients, who have tested this technology and found it effective. Now we are ready to offer cooperation under the partner program.
Cooperation takes place on the basis of products
How does the connection work?

Digital products are connected to the buyer using a unique vibration signature that the buyer generates on the site after purchasing the product. The buyer pays for the products online on our website.

We suggest that you place product descriptions and a customer registration form on your websites.

No investment from partners is required. The registration form is unique for each partner.

After the partner has registered, he receives the partner's label and the partner receives a commission from all customer orders that he will make immediately and in the future. The commission amount is 25% of the order amount.

A partner has access to a personal account on our website, where he sees customers who have registered using his registration form, and the orders they have made and paid for.

If you are interested in the offer, please contact us, we will be glad to cooperate
Please describe in a free form what information resources you have, what kind of participation you plan in this project. Based on the results of the communication, we will make a decision on partnership.