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General provisions of the Club "Self-development"

1. The only criterion for membership in The Club Of Self-Development— a desire and interest in self-development.

2. The club is a common ground in positive changes, the Club "Self-development" is a community that brings together people interested in its development. Despite the fact that the idea of a club of self-development itself is not new, the Club "Self-development" has some distinctive features.

The fact that almost all these communities (clubs) related to self-development and not only, involve some form of interactions between the participants, based on personal interpretation of the concepts of self-development kind of person, and that offers its own methods and system development or self-development.

Such models can be considered closed systems, no matter how wide was not the methods are and no matter how much the desire not to give simple interpretations. In other words, in closed communities there is always a leader (teacher, lecturer, instructor, leader, scientist or enlightened, etc.), which presents a picture of the world, accepting that other members of the community will automatically become a step below the leader (hierarchical community).

We believe that their own development does not necessarily have to be based on the vision of the situation by only one person, so Club members Self-development can be provided the possibility of studying and practical knowledge of different points of view on this matter. Will be invited to webinars, seminars and other events for teachers of different areas of self-development, or development with significant experience at the club can share its experience.

And, more importantly, their experience of development and self-development will be able to share everyone, Club Member and owner of a club card. So the club space offers everyone to choose the necessary line in self-development, thanks to a wide range of incoming information, which is one of the information resources of Club.

Thus, the Club is not a hierarchical model of a totalitarian community, where only one Teacher (knower of absolute truth), such as Maharishi or Prabhupada. Expanding horizons in relation to existing practices and techniques, ideas, theories, or models of self-development, to some extent, already a development.

This type of Club activity may seem a bit unusual, because it is not frequently circulated in society, but it is more natural, since the basis is exclusively the natural structure, such as, for example, as the balance of the ecosystem and energy cycle in ecosystems, and because man is a social being, not separate. Group development it is often easier and better, faster (and more interesting) than the individual (closed on itself), and single and multiple field changes gives you features not available when the effort or actions alone.

3. The founders club is a portal and online store of instruments for self-development "Mind Machines". The project is not someone's personal idea and matured long enough before action implementation. Accumulated years of experience in various fields of self-development, including the various technological magic and psychic directions can be not only interesting but also useful for those who never ceases to look.

It is the ability to search distinguishes those who seek to develop, from those who have already found all over and not able to move around "variant lines". It is the movement of consciousness is the hallmark of the evolving human being. So the Club "Self-development" involves the insertion depth of information, followed by freedom of choice or opinions.

4. Membership in the Club (KGB) becomes possible after timely payment of the club fee and get a Club Card.

5. Club "Self-development" is a self-regulating community.
The fifth position of this community, is the possibility of influence of each of the Cheka on the club space through a discussion of "the variant lines of development", the voting members of the community in the direction of the club activities and make a request for any information related to events at club space.

In other words, the Club members can decide which lectures or workshops the most interesting and relevant (in the opinion of community members). And the efforts of the Club, to the extent possible, the teacher (instructor, master, teacher, coach) will be invited for events (webinars, seminars, trainings). For discussion or a vote or suggestions will create a separate forum thread, most likely closed.

6. Club resources may be used according to individual desire: there are no conditions, agreements or obligations of their use. Club Card, depending on the desires and needs of the Cheka may have different access levels (Associate, Active and Leading). The selected access level is one of the membership options at the Club and use its resources.

Because this Community does not imply that the participants had something he required, and therefore the Club no one and nothing is supposed to be obligated, and this model assumes a greater degree of freedom of choice of their priority directions in the development of each participant.

Club members have the opportunity to:

— receive discounts on the range of the online store Mind Machine(available at all access levels)

— to attend all club events (webinars, workshops, seminars), including events just for club members. To attend VIP events on preferential terms (available at all access levels)

active access level allows you to develop and use in practice the possibility of "U-system".

— to propose and implement activities, or actively participate in them (available at all access levels)

— hold events (available at the Master access level)

The principles of the "Self-development"

There are two main principles of work and organization of the club structure — Uniqueness and Versatility.

1. The principle of uniqueness. Each person is quite unique and therefore there cannot be two identical paths of self-development. Everyone is on his level, and his journey and his stay at the Club generates this level. At his level each of the Cheka is a kind of Manager of the Club.

2. The principle of universality. A priority of this Club is to create conditions for the development of individual quality of universality on the basis of uniqueness, that is, attention to the least developed at the moment, the qualities on the basis of already developed or natural (data from birth, initial, genetically determined). Normally, when the attempts of individual development this is due to the exhausting struggle (with himself, the society, etc.), and although it is impossible not to recognize this spiritual feat, but it is in terms of self-development is the least effective way.

The Club Self-development finding one's way possible by finding and empowerment, the use of common field modifications to the deployment of natural resources and use resources of the club to expand its integrated field.

Photo club card through

Club Card (3 in 1)

1. The club Card provides the technological basis for the operation of the Club as an Association, is at the same time as a regular status card and discount and product technology SEM. From the perspective of technology SAM activated Club Card is a dynamic information unit having the ability to choose the optimal conditions for self-development for each of the Cheka, with the Active access level and supports the overall harmony of the system at all access levels. To activate Club Card should be in your personal Cabinet. You can, for example, to give inactive Club Card to another person.

2. The resources of the Club can use for their own purposes and individual needs: switch access level Associated with the Active is made in the personal account of the user after the activation of the card without changing the cost of the membership fee. Switching to the Leading level of access is made after sending the application and its approval by the founders of the Club.

3. Associate Member of the Club has the opportunity to purchase products online-shop Mind Machine at a special price for the Cheka, the special rates, or free of all seminars, webinars, trainings, lectures and all other activities of the Club and to attend events designed just for the Cheka. To visit VIP events, benefits do not apply.

4. An active Member of the Club has all the privileges Associated level of access, you can use Club Card as a product technology SAMM and receive the specialized software packages. Software packages coming on the Club Card is unique: they do not contain and are not repeated in any production piece. Access to them is possible only through Club Card. They are also unique to each of the Cheka, there is no one similar to another specialized package.

A specialized software package the Club Card is free, included in club dues and is one of the common resources and possibilities of the Club. The programs that are activated on the Club Card based on the so-called "U-system" deployment of natural qualities in a single field changes.

5. A leading Member of the Club can use at will all the privileges of Associate and Active access levels. This is a high — status level, giving the opportunity to hold events (webinars, seminars, lectures, trainings, etc.) in the framework of the "personal development". Connection Leading level of access occurs after the consideration and approval of applications for connection.

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