Why bracelets?

The main informational “transport route” for the operation of the noobracelets is the central energy axis of the body. It is through this highway that the two main energy flows of the body pass - upward and downward. The location of the information label in the form of a bracelet on the arm, as a peripheral highway, has its own characteristics.

Firstly, it increases the possibilities and complexity of the operation. The difficulty of operating the product on the wrist is the need for well-developed, that is, associated with the central axis, channels of the hands (the Integrity and Centering of noopendant II programs). In fact, the movement of all energies through the channel of a hand with noobracelet occurs not only in three linear dimensions, but also in multidimensional space. More on this below.

Secondly, in noobracelet, a new, unique technology (Integral Technology) of integral vibrations is used. The technology consists in transferring multidimensional rhythms to the integral field of a person through the body of volume (one of the matrices of the human body as a multidimensional structure) through the wrist.

Integrated Vibration Technology

Vibration technology is one way to change space. Matter in vibrational technologies is considered as one of the types of vibrations that have certain frequency characteristics in given reference points.

The human body also has 7 types of vibrations, determined by the characteristics of molecular bonds in tissues - skin vibrations, bone vibrations, brain vibrations, etc. In the human body there are temporary rhythms existing in 3-dimensional reference points, and multidimensional rhythms (timeless) existing in spaces 4D and above. In fact, all spiritual states (manifestations of the Human Spirit), trance states (changes in brain activity), superconscious states (increasing the frequency of consciousness), etc. are an alternative manifestation of multidimensional spaces that can be registered in the usual three-dimensional space.

Multidimensional vibrations are signals for the subconscious.

By applying signals of multidimensional rhythms through the crystal label of a noobracelet, it is possible to correct (tune) natural, natural rhythms and reveal the hidden energy resources of the subconscious.

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