Card Alchemy Energy Body II level

An energy body will be more fully and correctly called an energy-informational body.

The energy body is multidimensional, but we are able to perceive only the 3-dimensional projection of our multidimensional body. Therefore, for the most part, the development of ET shows what we really feel in our physical body, and not what we imagine, speculating with various “subtle” sensations.

That is, for the operator to perceive, the energy body is more physiological than esoteric. There can be no energy axis with a curved back or open nodes with clamped muscles. This is the first and most important thing to understand about the energy body.

The energy body is fed by 7 body systems that can conduct energy in different frequency characteristics and which correspond to 7 qualities:

1. Volume - created by the body of the volume (circulatory system)
2. Mobility - created by the body of rotation
3. Structurality (information connections) - is created by the body of the collection.
4. Fullness - created by the body of tension.
5. Information component - is filled with the nervous system and the brain (resonant body)
6. Support - created by the body of tension.
7. Centering - created by a truncated body.

The structure of the energy body has 7 spatial parameters, which can be expressed in the form of diagrams that the ancients drew in large numbers: axis, angular characteristic, nodes, connections, tension, proportion, integrity (at the energy level, this is the coordination of the energies of the components of the energy body.

The card is available in two versions and differ in the number of programs:

Card Alchemy II Energy Body. Basic version

Card Alchemy II Energy Body. PRO version

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