Card Alchemy I level

The product is a system, universal, summarizing the software capabilities of level I. Includes programs of all noopendants level I (and not only). The main difference from the noopendants is in the firmware of the card, which determines the name of the card - the ability to activate programs independently by the operator.

Different products have different goals and functionality, but you can define a common goal - self-development, software expansion, gaining freedom of action in the real world.

These are the tools that help the operator get out of the “box” in which the consciousness is forced to be. Someone has a bigger box, someone has less, the development is always individual and the path of each person is individual. We begin to gain experience from the very moment of birth, drawing an individual "picture of the world."

The physical world remains unchanged, but our experience of its perception may change, like different strokes in a picture of the world. The picture of the world is a necessary tool for existence in the world, but it can alienate perceived experience from reality - the whole question is its constant expansion and plasticity, variability.

The world does not stand still, and as soon as some concepts / dogmas / habits / stereotyped actions and thoughts are rooted in the picture of the world, it begins to move away from reality, and such disharmony begins to lead to problems in one sphere or another. There are certain key transformation points (for more details see the Balance + System), when the need for changes confronts us more acutely than other periods.

Self-development and plug-in for a person are a projection, a mental product, it is always going beyond the framework, the framework of the current built world. In the current framework, a person does not see a way out, since the way out is always outside of his "box".

Almost all users note a certain system in the use of nocoulons: the use of one sphere begins to lead to another sphere. When a person has opened a sufficient number of doors, the path begins to line up in the system, that is, it becomes clear.

It is at this point that the Alquimia tool will be useful. Using a map is an independent paving of an individual path, as opposed to intuitive following. The full functionality of the card — independent activation of programs of different groups and systems — will be useful to users who are clearly aware of their goal, who are not afraid and even seek to open new “doors” and who need wide and powerful software tools, as well as their various combinations.

In essence, this is a creative process aimed at creating oneself and one's own reality that meets the requirements of a self-developing structure. The number of combinations is infinite and individually selected for the person and his goals and objectives, because the work of a set of programs of different packages is not equal to the sum of the effects of each program, each combination is a new structure, like mixing colors to get the right shade.

Working with the Alquimia card is intuitive and can provide a lot of new experience and discoveries for users who are ready for new discoveries.

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